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Quiz Night

This is one of our favourite times of the week!

We've recently introduced a music round, which makes for a different kind of challenge and a mixed bag picture round including dingbats and puzzles as well as the usual kind of images. Occasionally there's a playdough round where the teams have to model their answer! We try to make the main questions wide-ranging to give everyone a chance.
The quiz is every Sunday evening at 8pm with teams of up to six people, £2 per person. It gets quite busy so give us a ring if you'd like to have a go.' It’s a great opportunity to also meet new people if you are new to the area. Everyone is friendly and you would be welcome to join a team. 
To book: 
T: 01954 488080
















(Occasionally changes to Monday Night on a Bank Holiday so check) 

Start Time: 8pm

 Entry £2 per person

 Maximum of 6 in a team

Entry Fee is Divided between 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place 

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