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Enjoy but Still Remember...

One of the main reasons why you come to the pub is to relax and enjoy yourselves with your friends and family. We want it to stay this way despite having to make too many changes. 

There are some differences & limitations we now to need you to embrace but we will do our best to keep it simple & straightforward.


The law requires everyone within a confined space to wear a facemask or face covering. Whenever you are venture inside you must wear a facemask. This includes visiting the bathroom. 


Using the Loo

Feel free to use the bathrooms as usual, sanitising BEFORE & AFTER occupying. Please leave the door open on exit so the next customer knows it's vacant. 


Please maintain a distance of at least 1m at all times. We may need to remind you as you enjoy yourselves and we know you might forget the more beer you drink, but please don't take offence at this, we are doing it for everyone's safety and enjoyment.



The government now stipulates that no more than 6 people or two households may meet outside.  The government is very clear that at this time we must include children & babies in the headcount of 6 so please ensure you follow this. We will ask you if you are conforming when you book a table.


Children of all ages are welcome during the daytime when we are open but MUST remain seated with parents at all times. They cannot play in the garden and run around. They are also to be accompanied to the loo. 

Children under 16 are not permitted after 7pm.


Well behaved dogs are welcome outside and in the tipi however must be comfortable with other people and other dogs and need to be on a lead at all times. 

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